Model stripped down to bikini by scoreboard leaving PGA CEO ‘flabbergasted’

A model posing in front of the 18th hole scoreboard at the PGA Championship in 1987 once stripped down to just a bikini after the event was played in the sweltering Florida heat, leaving then PGA CEO Jim Awtrey ‘flabbergasted’. The final major of the year was played out at the PGA National Golf Club in Palm Beach.

Arranging one of golf’s biggest events in the middle of the soaring Florida summer though most probably was not the best idea, with players and fans forced to battle through temperatures of 36 celsius. Most spectators were unsurprisingly put off from the event due to the soaring heat.

In an incentive to draw fans in, tournament organisers reportedly offered fans a complimentary round at the PGA National course along with the purchase of a ticket, according to Sports Illustrated.

The PGA also grouped together the sport’s three biggest names, with Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson playing as a threesome in another attempt to draw the crowds through the Florida gates.

With tournament organisers seemingly struggling to catch the attention of golf fans, a public relations firm took it into their own hands to spice up the event – unknowing to PGA bosses, according to The Palm Beach Post.

During Thursday’s opening round the firm smuggled over a fashion model to the floating scoreboard located on the 18th hole water hazard. Disguised in a volunteer’s outfit, the model made her way over via boat before presenting herself in front of the tournament’s marquee scoreboard, and showing off her raunchy outfit.

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Arguably the most shocked man on the whole course was PGA boss Awtrey who – described by Golf Channel – was 'flabbergasted' when witnessing the stunt via a tv screen in the car park. Per The Palm Beach Post, he said: “I was sitting in the trailer in the parking lot, meeting with our PGA officers, when that happened.

“We were watching the telecast when all of a sudden the camera zoomed in on the scoreboard and this girl in a bikini.” Clearly outraged with what had gone on, Awtrey quickly marched out of the trailer and ordered for the model to be removed from her post.

He added: “I said, ‘I’ll be back,’ and hustled over to find one of our staffers. I told him to get in a rowboat, put a coat around her and take her to the trailer. That was the best-known part of the week. I heard a picture of her ended up on the front page of the Japanese PGA media guide.”

Unsurprisingly the bikini model drew in plenty of attention, and became a staple of the week at PGA National. Aside from the antics, there was of course a major winner as Larry Nelson secured the title thanks to a nail-biting play-off win over Lanny Wadkins.

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