Gorgeous US model Morgan Riddle cheers on Wimbledon star Taylor Fritz

Of all the models and celebrities cheering on their tennis star partners at Wimbledon this summer, none come more glamorous than the influencer girlfriend of quarter-finalist Taylor Fritz.

Morgan Riddle will be cheering on her love on Centre Court on Wednesday afternoon hoping to see the 24-year-old beat the legendary Rafael Nadal to reach his first ever Grand Slam semi-final.

Riddle, who has 50 thousand followers on Instagram, was in the stands last time out at he beat Jason Kubler in straight sets – clapping and cheering throughout his impressive victory.

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Her latest attendance comes having been in a spectator at the French Open in May and at Indian Wells in March where Fritz claimed his first Masters 1000 victory.

The couple have been together since back in 2020, with Fritz, 24, having a child with ex-wife Raquel Pedraza who also played professional tennis.

Back in February, Morgan took to TikTok to reveal what it has been like for her to travel the world as the partner of a tennis star.

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She said: "I'm Morgan, I traveled the world on the ATP tour with my boyfriend, who is the No 1 American tennis player.

"I know that tennis is relatively uncool and unknown in America, so here's what you should know. Unlike most sports, tennis is a year-round sport except for four weeks off in December.

"Players compete in tournaments in 31 countries in cities like Dubai, Paris, Shanghai, London, Rome, Cabo, and many more.

"What are they playing for? Besides glory and hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money, players are competing for points.

"Each tournament gives a certain amount of points and the better you do, the more points you get. The more points you have, the higher your ranking is. And your ranking basically refreshes every year. No pressure.

"Tennis tournaments are not your casual sporting event with hot dogs and beer, you can expect champagne, strawberries and cream, Nobu, and getting to wear really cute outfits."


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