Golf girl Grace Charis’ boob-jiggling clip sees fans urge ‘NNN boys stay strong’

More than a few vows are bound to be broken this month if 'golf girl' Grace Charis has anything to say about it.

In a test of strength, people all over the world are participating in 'No Nut November' in an effort to bone up on their self-control. That means going the penultimate month of the year without sex or masturbation, which is also (allegedly) said to help 'improve mental clarity and overall general wellbeing'.

But that may not be enough to keep some on the straight and narrow if they also happen to follow Charis' social media channels. The adult content creator is already known for pushing boundaries on Instagram and TikTok, and it's this time of year when such distractions can prove problematic.

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After all, the last thing a person needs when they're trying to abstain is a lesson for Charis on proper grip technique. And that's without even getting started on the improper etiquette of ditching a bra altogether on the fairways.

The end result is a slow-motion sequence that will have viewers struggling to keep their eye on the ball. And that's as much literal as it is a reference to reaching the end of November with their chastity intact.

Who is the queen of adult content in sport? Let us know in the comments section below.

"NNN boys stay strong and don’t watch this," wrote one considerate follower attempting to safeguard their fellow No-Nut advocates. Of course, women participating in the hype could also be susceptible to seeing their streaks ended after watching Charis in action.

"These never get old," complimented another, while a third fan questioned whether Charis even 'owns a normal shirt'. And many NNN participants will be asking the very same thing.

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An avid stroker with just short of 2million followers on Instagram, Charis' popularity has blown up over the past year or so. And that means many more vulnerable sets of eyes in danger of being led astray by her wily ways.

At any other time of year, sports fans would be queueing up to watch the footage in their thousands. But in November of all times, they may well be better of swerving her feed – or social media in general – altogether.

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