Eugenie Bouchard’s twin sister Beatrice claims tennis star is "a stranger to me"

The twin sister of tennis star Eugenie Bouchard claims that her sibling is “almost a stranger” to her after their estranged upbringing.

Beatrice Bouchard was born just six minutes before former world no. 4 and Wimbledon finalist Eugenie, but they grew up separately after their parents divorced at the age of just 10.

Eugenie stayed with their mother Julie, while Beatrice went to live with their father Michel.

Surprisingly, the two sisters from Canada do not appear to have stayed in regular contact after the two sides of the family parted.

Beatrice, who has amassed 365,000 followers on Instagram, recently opened up on their different lives and growing apart.

As cited by Blick, Beatrice said: "It's very funny. I know someone in the grocery store better than my twin sister.

“We are definitely not a simple, happy, perfect family. Even anything but that. Our parents got divorced, they weren't happy with each other.

"Genie was with my mother for most of her life from then on. Myself, our siblings Charlotte and William with my father. So we grew up separately. "

16 years on, the family still don’t appear to have patched things up, and Beatrice admits that over time she has not been able to grow much closer to Eugenie.

The blonde bombshell continued: “The situation caused enormous tension.

"Especially between me, Charlotte, Will and my mother, as well as between Genie and our father.

“It's still like this today, not at all perfect. Just stop because I've only seen her twice a year since we were 10 years old.

"Therefore, people in the supermarket are closer to her than her own twin sister. It's crazy. She is almost a stranger to me."

Beatrice also revealed why she has not decided to travel the world with her sister, admitting that Eugenie even told her to buy her own ticket to Wimbledon.

She said: "A, I went to school! And I have a life to live too.

"And B, who should have paid for that? Genie didn't pay for it. And that's a perfect example.

"People probably think: go with your sister, she will take you everywhere. No, my sister didn't take me anywhere.

"And when I wanted to see her play at Wimbledon, she said: Okay, come and see me play, buy your ticket and come."

Eugenie has slipped all the way down to 141st in the world after a poor spell of form, and will not participate at the upcoming Australian Open for the second consecutive year after failing to qualify.

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