Cricketer produces ‘greatest wicketkeeper catch ever’ but fans spot technicality

A cricketer who claimed the ‘greatest wicketkeeper catch ever’ has been pulled up on a technicality.

A clip from the Kerala Premier League match between KPA 123 and KCSA Calicut has gone viral on social media as it shows one of the most comical dismissals in history. KPA 123 bowler Firas Mohammed sends down a fine delivery which is edged by a KCSA batter. The wicketkeeper dives to his right in a bid to claim a one-handed catch.

However, his attempt doesn’t quite go according to plan as the ball pops up and rolls along the back of the keeper, who then tries to claim it again. Incredibly, the ball eventually settles on the keeper’s back as his team-mates charge it to pick the ball up and celebrate the wicket. The keeper was immediately lauded by cricket fans with some declaring it the ‘greatest wicketkeeper catch ever’.

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However, other fans were quick to point out that, technically, it should not have gone down as the wicketkeeper’s catch, but instead the fielder who retrieved the ball from his prone body.

One said: “A pedant responds … Clearly, this cannot be the greatest wicketkeeper catch of all-time. At no point did that wicketkeeper have the ball under control. The name in the scorebook should be that of the fielder with the presence of mind to retrieve the ball from his armpit.”

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Another agreed, saying: “The catch should not be awarded to the keeper as he is not in control of the ball. Instead, it should be awarded to the fielder who picked it up from the keeper's back.”

Another didn’t quite agree though, suggesting the keeper did have the ball under control. They added: “Seems to me he was in a position where he could have either reliably kept the ball from the ground or, with a bit of contortion, grabbed it by the hand from his own back. Either way, that's having control by any reasonable definition.”

KCSA were bowled out for just 32 which KPA 123 chased down inside five overs.

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