24 Hours of Le Mans ace filled up left boot with urine due to the "way he hangs"

A 24 Hours of Le Mans star once filled up his left boot with urine because of the “way he hangs”.

Aston Martin driver Darren Turner is no stranger to the gruelling endurance race that is Le Mans. He took on the famous event every year from 2003 to 2019, cementing his place as a legend with three wins during that time.

But not all went swimmingly for the 48-year-old, who last won at Circuit de la Sarthe in 2017. Speaking to Top Gear, he recalled one especially uncomfortable moment in the GT1 race where he was forced to urinate inside his racing suit.

Turner said: “Pretty much all of us had to pee during a stint. It sounds revolting but all you’re peeing is water, because you’re drinking so much and sweating so much.

“The hardest thing was actually relaxing enough to get going. It took a couple of laps when I was absolutely desperate. It’s like when you go scuba diving and you do it in your wetsuit. It just takes a bit of time.

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“I did ask someone beforehand ‘If I need to take a pee during the race, what do I do?’ And he goes ‘Well, just relax and it’ll be alright. But you will laugh at the point when you hit the brakes.’

“It’s because it determines what way you ‘hang’, because it filled up my left boot. It was quite a funny experience.”

Turner was still able to secure an impressive third place finish in his class and ninth overall despite his soggy boot on that occasion. After winning in two of the following three years, he took on the 2009 edition alongside British racing icon Anthony Davidson and ex-Formula One star Jos Verstappen.

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