UFC star Paddy Pimblett threatens to perform a sex act on his opponent

UFC star Paddy Pimblett threatens to perform a sex act on his opponent after he knocks him out in outrageous press conference outburst: ‘My nan is dead and she’d finish him’

  • Pimblett unleased a series of bizarre sledges at Jordan Leavitt prior to their fight 
  • He said he’d ‘tea bag’ his opponent and insinuating even his dead nan could win
  • The British sensation also referred to his opponent as an ‘absolute crab’
  • The pair are due to square off on Sunday morning, Australian time 

British UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett is well known for his trash talking outside the octagon, but he’s taken it a step further prior to his fight with Jordan Leavitt by saying he’ll sexually assault his unconscious opponent. 

It’s safe to say the confident 27-year-old is no fan of Leavitt (10-1-0) ahead of their match-up at UFC Fight Night 208 in London on Sunday morning, AEST.

Pimblett (18-3-0) went on a bizarre rant at the pre-fight press conference, calling Leavitt an ‘absolute crab’ and saying he has never been as ‘p***ed off’ at an opponent. 

Paddy Pimblett (left) and Jordan Leavitt (right) square off ahead of their fight

‘I’m gonna teabag him, man. I’m gonna teabag him like it’s Modern Warfare 2 … I’ll just squat up and down as close to his head as I possibly can without the ref shouting at me,’ he said.

Pimblett was referring to a crude sex act that some players of the popular video game perform after killing a digital opponent. 

‘He’s an absolute crab. Do you know what I mean? He can’t throw a punch to save his life, and he’s trying to talk sh*t … my nan is dead, and she’d finish him,’ Pimblett continued.

Paddy Pimblett (left) tries to land a kick against Kazula Vargas earlier this year

 ‘I’ve never really been p***ed off leading up to a fight. (Luigi) Vendramini and (Kazula) Vargas were respectful, as I was to them. He’s a little maggot, and I’m going to proper batter him for it.

‘I’ve never come into a fight once to hurt my opponent. I’m going to hurt him. If I get the chance, I’m going to split him open with elbows or rearrange his face.’

‘He comes in to fight not to lose … try to take me down and sit on top of me and sniff my balls for three rounds. It’s not going to work.’ 

It’s quite the unique celebration, and at least somewhat better than the time Conor McGregor threatened to ‘kill’ Dustin Poirer after their fight last year, which the latter won.  

Paddy Pimblett celebrates after knocking out Luigi Vendramini in Las Vegas last year

Paddy Pimblett famously binge eats following his fights and goes through weight fluctuations

Boxing great Mike Tyson recently said Pimblett had ‘Conor McGregor vibes’, and the man himself has admitted recently that ‘love me or hate mate, you’re still going to watch me fight’.  

He’s also made plenty of headlines for going through wild weight fluctuations between his fights – of which he’s now had 21.

The lightweight hit the scales at 68kg before his win against Rodrigo Vargas in March.

Within weeks he was around 90kg after treating his many social media fans to regular vision of his penchant for soft drinks, ice-cream and whatever else his tastebuds desired on a whirlwind US holiday.

He’s shot down other fighters who’ve urged him to quit the wild binge-eating between events.

Paddy Pimblett’s weight drastically increased during a holiday in the US earlier this year

Pimblett recently told TJ Dillashaw ‘don’t forget your own past, you sausage’ after the American questioned his work ethic.

It had clearly not been lost on him that Dillashaw had only just returned from a two-year drugs ban – something his fans also took great delight in pointing out. 

Despite his popularity, Pimblett won’t be the main event on the UFC London card.

A match-up between Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinall is set to be the highlight, with Pimblett’s close friend Molly McCann set to fight Hannah Goldy.  

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