UFC prodigy Pimblett is in prime shape again after losing 50lbs

UFC prodigy Paddy Pimblett ate ELEVEN THOUSAND calories a day after his last win and ballooned to a whopping 205lbs… but the Liverpudlian has lost 50lbs ahead of UFC London tonight and is in prime shape after a radical body transformation

  • Paddy Pimblett has made weight for his UFC London fight with Jordan Leavitt 
  • ‘Paddy the Baddy’ will take on Leavitt at the 02 Arena on Saturday, July 23
  • He has had to lose 50lbs to make weight due to his affectionate love for food  
  • The proud Liverpudlian said he was consuming up to 11,000 calories per day 

Paddy Pimblett is one of the UFC’s rising stars and he has grown to realise he’s an athlete as well as a fighter – but he can’t help his love for food.

The 27-year-old has burst onto the scene in the UFC with two first-round stoppage wins in his first two outings taking his overall record to 18-3.

However, when the Liverpudlian isn’t fighting or in camp preparing to fight, he’s eating.

Paddy Pimblett has made weight for his UFC London showdown with Jordan Leavitt

He had to lose 50lbs after ballooning to 205lbs since his last victory in March this year

‘Paddy the Baddy’ takes on American Jordan Leavitt at the O2 Arena on Saturday, July 23, in the UFC’s second visit to England’s capital this year.

The first show in March was lauded by UFC president Dana White as he called the event ‘the biggest UFC Fight Night in UFC history’ and decided on the spot to make sure the company returned for a rare second show in the same year.

Pimblett was a major part of the success White enjoyed with the first show and it’s no surprise he’s being positioned as a cornerstone of the second event, too.

‘Paddy the Baddy’ is one of the UFC’s most popular stars but his love for food has been criticised and was aware he needed to lose weight after making 205lbs after his last bout

Following his submission win over Rodrigo Vargas back in March, the lightweight – who needs to weigh a maximum 156lbs before he fights – says he took his eating desires to the extreme to celebrate.

Just two months ago, Pimblett weighed in as a light-heavyweight, some three divisions heavier than the one he fights at.

‘I took my boxers off and got on and I was 205,’ he told the BBC. ‘And that’s when it hit me: ‘Paddy, you’re fat here, son. You need to sort this out.’

Pimblett hit out at doubters who said he couldn’t make weight by telling them to ‘kiss his a**’

‘And then you get on the diet. But with me there’s no in between. Anything I do, whether it’s partying, gambling, training, eating, it’s go hard or go home. I’ve always had that sort of mentality; I can’t help it.’

Pimblett’s 11,000 calorie binge

Salt and pepper chicken wrap (550 kcals)

Bacon (80)

Cheese slice (80)

Chips (1,200)

Halloumi Fries (358)

Chocolate (255)

Chocolate bar (222)

Chocolate cookie (430)

Red velvet cookie (760)

Cherry cola (298)

Chocolate buttons (1,286)

Chocolate bar (241)

Chocolate bar (192)

Doughnut x2 (1180)

Berry drink (90)

Half chicken (568)

Chips (517)

Rice (246)

Garlic bread (362)

Halloumi (177)

Hummus & pita (623)

Chicken wings (955)


Total calories: 10,670 + sauces

Generally speaking, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men. Pimblett says in the days after his victory, he consumed close to 11,000. Even directly after his win, he was scoffing down pizza during the post-fight press conference.

‘What don’t I like to eat? Pizza, pasta, Chinese, Thai food. I love burgers. I love a Nandos and salt and pepper chicken are my favourite scrans. I just love food.

‘But chocolate’s one of my big ones. And desserts. I love desserts.’

The former Cage Warriors lightweight champion detailed exactly what he ate to the BBC and he told no lies – he really does like chocolate.

Over 3,300 of his calories stemmed from chocolate, dwarfing the recommended daily intake on sugary treats alone.

Earlier in his career, Pimblett vomited inside the cage following a victory proving just how dangerous a dramatic weight cut had been to his health. He had lost 26lbs in just five days.

Pimblett learned his lesson. After signing with the UFC, the prolific finisher hired a nutritionist and has taken much greater care of his body to ensure a more calculated cut during training camp.

‘Now I do it very healthily, like a professional. I have a nutritionist who is responsible for my body changing over the last couple of years.

‘I used to be a fighter but now I’m an athlete as well, so that’s all down to him, and my food prep team, my pro chef. Without them my life would be so much harder,’ said Pimblett.

The die-hard Liverpool fan now measures out all of his meals to the precise macronutrients.

‘It’s 27g of protein, 31g of carbs, half a gram of fat and 309 calories,’ Pimblett explains after a training session.

Pimblett weighed in for his UFC London showdown with Leavitt at the lightweight limit of 156lbs on Friday to make the bout official.

In the weeks leading up to the fight, Pimblett showed fans on social media just how he’s changed his body and he’s done it the right way in training camp.

‘My weight loss transformation in my last camp. A picture each week for eight weeks, en route to do the same again this time.’

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