Australian jockey Chris McIver has 12-month ban overturned following appeal

Jockey Chris McIver has overturned a 12-month riding ban after he was wrongly alleged to have kicked a horse in the stalls.

The 34-year-old was charged back in January under AR228(b) for conducting himself in an improper manner during the loading process in a race at Rockhampton racecourse in Queensland, Australia.

McIver pleaded not guilty to the charges and following an internal review, the ban has been overturned upon appeal.

The jockey is free to continue riding.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Mark Ainsworth said: "The original decision of a 12-month disqualification was set aside as it was found that the decision was not supported on the evidence."

According to McIver’s solicitor Peter Boyce, QRIC’s internal adjudicator Kane Ashby found: "The reviewer, in carefully considering the totality of the evidence, including the applicant’s submissions, the clarity of the footage of the alleged incident and the aforementioned factors, is not satisfied to the requisite standard that the applicant’s actions constitute misconduct."

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