6 glitzy female racegoers in violent scrap launching flying knees and big blows

A group of female racegoers got themselves involved in a heated fight at an event – with onlookers left aghast.

The horrendous brawl included a group of around six women clashing at the Spring Racing Carnival in Brisbane, with those watching on asking that they stop.

The incident started when a woman in a green dress charged at another down the walkway at the event with a knee-shot, sending the individual back to the floor.

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Eventually, a pile on ensured, with one man attempting to come in and break up and violence – but his attempt is unsuccessful, with the ladies rolling around and hitting one another.

At one point, a woman wearing white is seen whacking another one on the ground, landing fist shots to the head.

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Other men try to get in the middle and break up the brawl but the fight persists, with the ladies dragging each other by the hair and throwing punches.

One man shouts out: "Oi, oi, stop it! Get off her! Don't hit her – get off her."

Online, with the footage going viral, users gave their input. One wrote: “A humiliating retort to those of you who claim Brisbane isn't ready to host the Olympics. This is world class.

Another said:” *Attenborough* The female Australian bogan is a spiteful creature, that quickly becomes ferocious after consuming its preferred diet of West Coast Coolers. While it may attempt to hide its feral nature with Kardashian-brand makeup, its dream-catcher tattoos soon reveal the truth.”

A third stated: “No amount of glamming up the trash will stop it from being trash.”

A statement from Queensland Police read: "Our searches did not locate any incidents of this nature that police were called to attend, nor any subsequent reports made."

The event was part of the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday – which was won by Gold Trip.

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