Can you play golf in the new national lockdown?

Boris Johnson announces new national lockdown

Golf courses have remained open throughout the most stringent tier 4 rules, despite the ban on social mixing. But will you still be able to play golf in the latest national lockdown?

Members of the public were able to play golf after the second national lockdown on December 3.

All golf courses were allowed to open for the first time in four weeks, albeit with certain restrictions.

Courses in tiers 3 and 4 were ordered to keep their clubhouses closed, while only offering a take-away food service.

But after Johnson announced a new nationwide lockdown, will golf courses be allowed to stay open?

Can you play golf in a national lockdown?

Golf courses will be forced to close for the national lockdown.

The restrictions will be implemented across the entirety of the UK.

All outdoor sport has been put on hold for the lockdown period.

You should only leave your home for essential food shops, for medicine, or to escape domestic violence.

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The new restrictions were announced by the Prime Minister on Monday night.

It came after a sharp rise in the number of Covid cases in the UK.

The number of Covid patients being admitted to hospital has increased by a third in the past seven days.

More than 50,000 people have tested positive for Covid for six consecutive days.

“Since the pandemic began last year, the whole United Kingdom has been engaged in a great national effort to fight Covid,” said the Prime Minister.

“And there is no doubt that in fighting the old variant of the virus, our collective efforts were working and would have continued to work.

“But we now have a new variant of the virus. It has been both frustrating and alarming to see the speed with which the new variant is spreading.

“In England, we must therefore go into a national lockdown which is tough enough to contain this variant. That means the Government is once again instructing you to stay at home.”

Elite sport is allowed to continue throughout the Covid lockdown, however.

That means Premier League, EFL and SPFL football will be continuing for the foreseeable.

Outdoor exercise is being limited to members of the public, with group activities banned.

You should only be leaving your house for exercise once per day.

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