‘St Kilda schoolgirl’ spills on AFL scandals, has been to ‘hell and back’

Kimberley Duthie has answered questions from social media followers after revealing she is writing a tell-all book a decade after making headlines as the “St Kilda schoolgirl”.

Duthie became embroiled in a series of scandals with St Kilda Football Club in 2010 and 2011. The teenager leaked nude photos of Saints players and was caught in a hotel room with player manager Ricky Nixon.

She also admitted on 60 Minutes to faking a pregnancy after briefly dating Saints defender Sam Gilbert.

Duthie teased on social media this week she was working on a book, and later said she was “overwhelmed” with the response.

She took part in a Q&A with followers on her Instagram account on Sunday night, where she briefly responded to questions about her experiences 10 years ago and her current relationship status.

Asked if she’d had any negative feedback since publicising her upcoming book, Duthie said: “Surprisingly no, I haven’t seen anything at all. All I’ve been getting is positive feedback and everyone’s really supportive of me so it’s a really, really awesome feeling to know I’ve got the love and support of everybody.”

Kim Duthie was embroiled in scandal a decade ago.Source:AAP

Former AFL player agent Ricky Nixon was also dragged into the St Kilda storm.Source:News Corp Australia

Duthie is married with a son, and told her followers she has “always liked older men”. Her husband — who she met at a strip club he owns — is 27-and-a-half years older than her.

Duthie received multiple questions about her relationship status and although the pair separated briefly, she confirmed they were still together. However, she added because of border restrictions due to COVID-19, last week was the first time she had seen her husband in months.

Later in the Q&A, Duthie was asked whether her life now is what she wanted when she was younger.

“I wish I hadn’t come through all of the horrible things I have, but I’m also grateful for what they’ve taught me,” she said.

“It’s taken me 10 years to rebuild a new life and I believe my business and success comes down to the hardships I was put through.”

Duthie said she’s “been to hell and back” but is proud of her “strength and resilience”.

“Once you read the book you’ll see everything I went through and to come back from that is one of the hugest feats that anybody could achieve,” Duthie said.

“Rock bottom is not even comparable to where I once was in life.”


A post shared by K I M B E R L E Y (@miss_valetti)


A post shared by K I M B E R L E Y (@miss_valetti)

Replying to a follower who praised Duthie for “fighting back” against the AFL after the St Kilda scandals, she wrote: “It’s not so much about smashing them, but rather telling my truth and my version of events through my own eyes.

“This will be a factual version of events vs a former fictional soap opera.

“I’m so excited to be me and write from the heart.”

It was revealed in April last year Duthie was battling stage four cervical cancer. She currently runs an eyelash salon.


A post shared by K I M B E R L E Y (@miss_valetti)

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