Is this the most sexist comment in cricket history?

Is this the most sexist comment in cricket history? Commentator stuns fans with mind-boggling outburst in Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka women’s game – before issuing grovelling apology

  • A cricket commentator has apologised for a sexist comment 
  • He said women cricketers do not have big strides 
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A cricket commentator has issued an apology for a ‘sexist’ comment made during a women’s T20 international match.

Roshan Abeysinghe was blasted by cricket fans online for his analysis after a no-ball was called on Bangladesh spinner Nahida Akter during her side’s match against Sri Lanka. 

The no-ball initially appeared to be called for a front foot error, and Abeysinghe expressed shock at the concept of a woman overstepping the crease. 

‘It’s a no ball as well. Now this is unpardonable,’ Abeysinghe said.

‘Unpardonable on two counts: one, a spinner; second thing, a lady… a women’s cricketer. I don’t think they have big strides, so in that context, very very surprised how she could overstep.’

A cricket commentator has apologised after saying women cricketers don’t have big strides

Roshan Abeysinghe made the comment during Bangladesh’s game against Sri Lanka

The commentator took to Twitter to apologise after widespread backlash from his comment

However, replays showed that Akter in fact accidentally knocked the bails off with her foot, rather than overstep the mark, which is why the no-ball was called.

A clip of the commentary was widely shared on Twitter and women’s cricket commentator George Heath called for Abeysinghe to never commentate again. 

‘This commentator should be removed from ever commentating on women’s cricket again,’ she said.

Abeysinghe issued an apology in response.

‘Hi Georgie let me extend an unconditional apology if you or anyone else were offended. 

‘The comments were never meant to be insulting, but was made through a pure cricketing angle innocently. Still I am willing say sorry and stand corrected. Once again my apologies sincerely,’ he said. 

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