Footy great Dane Swan blows up deluxe on lockdown failure

Footy great Dane Swan is blowing up over Victoria’s lockdown update, calling for Premier Daniel Andrews to resign immediately.

The vocal critic of the Melbourne lockdown during the city’s 2020 Covid-19 crisis has now called for all the senior officials at the head of the government’s coronavirus response to be punted.

His public call came after it was announced lockdown has been extended for parts of the state after days of rising Covid-19 infections.

The lockdown was originally set to end at 11.59pm on June 3, but now the tough restrictions will remain in place in Melbourne for another seven days.

Six new locally acquired Covid-19 cases were confirmed overnight, bringing the state’s cluster to 60.

It was all too much for Swan, who made his anger clear on Twitter, where he singled out Andrews, acting Premier James Merlino, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and Health Minister Martin Foley.

@[email protected]@[email protected] and the rest of their band of merry men need to give someone else a go cause what they are doing is clearly not working.

“And it’s not because they are extending lockdown it’s cause we are back here once again,” Swan posted on Twitter.

“Every other state seems to have it under control but our leaders are so incompetent they continually fail us. They should all stand aside and give someone else a go.

“Ive no idea bout politics or the left & right, I guess I’d be somewhere in the middle like most rational people but how anyone could vote for the people currently in charge of Victoria again beggars belief. How they manage to continually f***… Victorians is incredible.”

He also had a message for any Twitter followers who dared question his credentials to talk about the complex issue.

It’s also quite amusing that cause Im not an expert in Australian politics people here tell me I’m not allowed to tweet about it. That’s like me saying everyone on here who has never played a game of AFL isn’t allowed to tweet about AFL. I refuse to stick to my lane

Swan last week was among the commentators to be left incredulous at the sight of an NBA game attracting a crowd of 15,000 in New York, while the AFL was forced to move games behind closed doors as a result of the snap lockdown.

Swan had last year torched Andrews for extending the lockdown again in September.

“This motherf***er is really wearing on my patience,” Swan wrote.

“Gonna be a LOT of fines coming the government’s way the next couple months. The rule breaking is gonna get a lot worse whether anyone likes it or not.”

Swan received some push back to his comments — and hit back at that too.

“Hey if you don’t understand how Twitter works this is my account and I shall and will say WHATEVER the f*** I like whenever and however I like. Just like y’all motherf***ers do on your accounts. It’s not rocket surgery,” Swan wrote.

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