Tyson Fury cannot be blamed for Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn radio silence

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Tyson Fury has moved heaven and earth to make the fight with Anthony Joshua happen.

Firstly, let’s not forget he made the offer to AJ, because he wanted to make it happen for the British fans. He also offered the “too good to turn down” split of 60/40 when he didn’t need to.

Tyson also agreed to a full co-promotion, a seat for AJ at the negotiating table with the commercial partners, total transparency in all deals and even an independent mediator to sit in the middle, if god forbid, either side wasn’t happy with something!

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Don’t forget, Tyson is the heavyweight champion of the world, the man who sits at the top of the division, offering someone coming off two losses a voluntary shot at his crown.

However its spun by the spin doctors, there is no way Tyson can be to blame for it not happening.

Actions speak louder than words. Eddie Hearn going on about Tyson setting deadlines may be nice lines in front of the camera, but the reality is when we get told ‘we’re sending something over’ and nothing arrives, what reaction did they expect from Tyson?

It’s frustrating for him and for the last week or so, he’s felt that deep down, AJ didn’t want it. Maybe that is the case, maybe not, but again, actions speak louder than words.

The plan has always been that Tyson fights in the UK before the end of the year. Don’t forget he originally wanted to fight in November but pushed the date back to accommodate AJ. We can’t keep moving him back, the main goal is the Undisputed fight with Usyk which is mooted for February and he needs time between fights to recover.

Conversations with the other side have been amicable but they’ve been slower than they should have been, especially this week. There just hasn’t seemed to be any urgency from Joshua to get it done and when deals take longer than they should to finalise, you start to question if they really want it.

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The TV companies – both BT Sport and DAZN – have been brilliant and deals in principle were in play. Tickets manifests and seating charts were drawn up, the venue, everything was ready.

This week, the last issue we were told was Joshua said he doesn’t like the fact we have the final say if we can’t agree on something. So we said, ‘let’s put an independent person in the middle to have the final say on any disputed matters’. But nothing came back on the proposal.

As of writing this today, that’s where we are. There’s still radio silence, still no returned calls or responses to emails or updates (except for Eddie talking to the press on Thursday saying they were sending the contract over on Thursday; it hasn’t arrived yet!)

They’ve had the contract for 15 days (at the time of this going live). I thought everybody wanted to get this done but now I’m not so sure. I remember when Shelly Finkel sent us the contract for Tyson to take on Deontay Wilder in the first fight of their epic trilogy. The contract went back and forth a few times and was signed in 48 hours! The ball was in their court.


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