New dramatic Amir Khan CCTV footage shows robber wielding gun in boxer’s face

A new CCTV angle of Amir Khan's mugging earlier this week shows the British boxing star being robbed at gunpoint.

Khan's wife, Faryal Makhdoom, shared footage allegedly showing the moment the 35-year-old was forced to hand over his £72,000 Franck Muller Geneve watch. However, the CCTV pictures only appeared to show the muggers running to and from where the incident took place.

But new video shows a different angle on the street in question in Leyton, east London. The distressing footage shows Khan and his wife exiting a restaurant before greeting a group of men and then making their way across the street.

Before they can reach their car, however, the hooded thugs in question stop Khan, with one pointing what appears to be a gun in his face. The viewer can see Khan gesturing downwards, the gun-wielder moving in briefly before running off again.

The entire interaction lasts only a few seconds, but no-one is believed to have been hurt. Makhdoom was quick to run back across the street, presumably in an effort to call for help.

"In the UK, the law is quite strong where hardly anyone, even the police, don't really carry guns," Khan said of his ordeal. "So, it was quite shocking to see a gun pointed at me. And you could see that they were young. They seemed a bit nervous, and he kept saying to me, 'take off your watch.'

"I don't feel safe. I'm in the city London which is obviously a very well known town and everyone loves London. Now, after I was robbed, you start hearing all the stories or you start reading up on all the robberies that have happened. I mean, it's quite regularly happening."

Khan put forth his suspicion that after he was seen in the restaurant, someone may have been tipped off regarding the wrist piece he was wearing at the time: "I think that news must've travelled a little bit. So, I do think that somehow it was set up."

'King' ended an almost three-year hiatus from the ring when he suffered a sixth-round TKO defeat against Kell Brook in February. Khan, an Olympic silver medallist at the 2004 Athens Games, has faced calls to retire but is yet to indicate he'll hang up his gloves anytime soon.

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