Misfits boxer stops rival in 57 stone slugfest on KSI vs Fournier undercard

WingsOfRedemption stopped Boogie2988 in the second round of their Misfits Boxing heavyweight bout. The fight billed as the ‘heaviest fight in influencer boxing’ saw both men tip the scales at a combined weight of 800lb with Wings, real name Jordie Jordan weighing in at 404.3lb and Boogie, real name Steven Williams coming in slightly lighter at 391.6lb.

Before the fight, Wings had assured fans that he would go after Boogie from the off and go after him he did. From the opening bell, Boogie was on the front foot, landing a series of clubbing right hands that led to a standing count in the first minute of the contest.

There was little in the way of clean boxing technique as is to be expected from two novices, particularly ones of their size but it was nevertheless entertaining for as long as it lasted. Early on in the bout, Boogie had his shorts comedically refastened and tapped up after they slipped from his hips following a flurry from Wings.

Boogie barely made it out of the first and began to turn his back on his opponent, leading to a warning from the referee.

Although Boogie did pluck up the courage to come steaming out of the gates in the second, he would ultimately walk onto a barrage of punches that would lead to a second standing count and the fight being waved off. But Boogie won’t be left disheartened for too long as the victory for him was simply stepping into the ring.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he detailed the hurdles he has had to overcome in order to get to this fight. He said: “I would have told you five years ago there was no way I would have been able to leave America. This fight would have killed me, once I got to London what could I have done? Use a wheelchair to get around from restaurant to restaurant?

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“I think it’s a miracle that I’m here, six years ago I got gastric bypass surgery and lost 200lb. I’ve also focused on my brain. 

“I saw a psychedelic therapist earlier in the year and I realised how wrong I was about life. I was also so afraid and scared of everything. I realised the point of life is a game to be played to have fun and that’s what I’m here to do.”

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