KSI shows off mad body transformation – from pot belly to ripped physique

KSI has shown off his amazing body transformation ahead of his fight with Alex Wassabi.

The British YouTuber, 29, is set to make his return to the boxing ring on August 27 and has been hard at work getting back into tip-top shape. With three weeks to go, he's shared his progress from the start of the year to now – and it's phenomenal.

Back on January 1 he had a sizeable belly after piling on the pounds. But now it looks like there's not an ounce of fat on him, with an incredibly-lean KSI now sporting an enviable six pack.

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Uploading the video to Twitter, he wrote: "TikTok age restricted my video because it thought my chest were actual t**s [laughing emojis] I’ll just post it here."

His 7.7million followers were hugely impressed: One replied: "Now that’s some transformation!!" Another wrote: "Say what you want about “you tube” s***e n that, the bloke is looking absolutely WHAM."

"Thanks for the extra boost of motivation KSI," commented one. And one simply said: "This is crazy."

Have you seen a better body transformation than this? Let us know in the comments section.

KSI also posted on his Instagram story with the caption: "Let the transformation strike fear in you brother @alexwassabi." But reports have emerged since that Wassabi is an injury doubt for the bout later this month.

Keemstar, host of internet news show DramaAlert, has said: "Ladies and gentleman, this is breaking news. Wassabi is injured.

"Now I’ve heard two different injuries, I’ve heard concussions, I’ve heard a broken hand. It’s coming from a source from close to Wassabi’s camp. I have another source close to Wassabi’s camp.

"This is what is happening right now. I have double checked, I have crossed my t’s, dotted my i’s on this. Wassabi is injured. And there is a fear right now that he won’t be fighting KSI on August 27."

The event is expected to go ahead regardless with a replacement sought if necessary. And whoever steps into the ring with KSI looks like they'll be facing an uphill battle.


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