KSI reveals sparring partners were offered £5,000 to knock him out

KSI reveals his sparring partners were offered £5,000 to knock him out ahead of his fight with Tommy Fury… as he opens up on his controversial unanimous decision defeat

  • KSI suffered a controversial unanimous defeat to Tommy Fury last month
  • The YouTuber-turned-boxer has spoken out on the loss with Logan Paul
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KSI has revealed that his sparring partners were offered £5,000 to try and knock him out in the build-up to his fight with Tommy Fury.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer was controversially beaten by Fury in Manchester last month.

KSI hired a legal team to appeal the result, which was upgraded from a majority decision to a unanimous decision victory for Fury due to an error on one of the judges’ scorecards. 

He has spoken out on the loss in an interview on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, in which he was asked about his coaches offering to pay his sparring partners if they could successfully KO him.

KSI confirmed the speculation as he said: ‘Yeah, a five grand bonus. Yeah man, it was pretty ridiculous! I heard it only near the end of the camp, so they didn’t tell me obviously.

KSI suffered a controversial unanimous decision defeat to Tommy Fury in Manchester last month

KSI has hired a legal team to appeal the result after feeling as though he should have won

‘I was like, ‘Jesus Christ, no wonder they’re trying to knock my head off.’

His loss to Fury came as a shock to many, as the half-brother of world champion Tyson was docked a point for a punch to the back of the head and didn’t appear to do enough to overturn the deficit during what was a lacklustre fight. 

KSI said: ‘I felt like I won the fight, man. It was weird, I felt like Tommy was surprised he just didn’t expect me to move the way I was moving.

‘There were quite a few people who were hoping I would lose or get knocked out, like boxing purists, and they saw that first round and were like, ‘Oh no. It’s going to happen, oh my God.’

‘Throughout the rounds I felt like I was doing well, getting the big shots off, obviously (receiving) a lot of back of the head shots.’

KSI says he feels like he has ‘retired’ from boxing and is enjoying life after months of training for the boxing fight 

Post-match stats show Fury threw more punches, and landed more shots, but KSI was more accurate with his punches, landing with 31 per cent of his attempts, as opposed to Fury’s 25 per cent.

The one fight his fans are hoping to see in the crossover boxing scene is a bout against Logan’s younger brother Jake – who also lost to Fury earlier this year. 

KSI though has played down talk of a fight of a fight by insisting that he feels like he has retired.

He said: ‘Right now, I feel like I’ve retired. It’s weird. I haven’t trained since the fight. I’ve just enjoyed my life. It’s weird. It’s all these things that I would normally do, and I can relax.

‘ I think for right now, I’m kind of just enjoying myself. Yeah, we’ll see (about fighting again).

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