Jake Paul given advice over boxing future by Dana White after fight cancellation

UFC president Dana White has advised YouTube star Jake Paul to hire some new advisers after his prospective bout against Hasim Rahman Jr was cancelled.

Paul was set to fight Rahman Jr at Madison Square Garden on August 6, with the 31-year-old replacing Tommy Fury after he was prevented from entering the United States. Following the news of the cancellation, White has taken aim at Paul's manager Nakisa Bidarian, who previously worked as the UFC's Chief Financial Officer.

"I'm not going to sit up here and be happy and gloat that their fight fell out," White said following UFC 277. "I mean, both those guys [Paul and Rahman Jr], I'm sure put in a lot of hard work, a lot of training to get ready for this fight and spent money to get ready for this fight.

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"But I will say this, just because you [Bidarian] were an accountant here, doesn't mean you know what the f*** goes on here and doesn't mean you can run a fight promotion company. I think Jake Paul probably needs to get some different people around him.

"If he's going to stay in this sport, he needs to be with guys that actually really know how to put on fights." White also suggested that poor ticket sales is the real reason why the fight was cancelled.

"I think they sold under $1million in tickets and it costs $500,000 to turn the f***ing lights on at MSG," White added. "That's what I think."

Paul, meanwhile, has claimed Rahman Jr was "scared" of fighting him and accused his rival of refusing to cut down to the original 200lb weight limit. In a video on social media, Paul said: "Hasim Rahman Jr has pulled out of the fight. This is not a joke, I am devastated, I cannot f***ing believe this; we just found out this news.

"This is another case of a professional boxer, just like Tommy Fury, being scared to fight me. It is as clear as day that these guys have been so unprofessional to work with, looking for any excuse to suck more money out of this event, to coerce us into doing things and I knew from the jump that this guy didn't want to get in the ring with me.

"The biggest pay day of his life times 10 and he's fumbling it. For what? Because he knows he's going to get knocked out by me."


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