Jake Paul girlfriend sends X-rated message to boxer during live recording

Jake Paul might act tough for the cameras but he's obviously not afraid to take orders – especially when they come in the form of raunchy requests like this from his stunning girlfriend Julia Rose!

The 25-year-old YouTuber-turned-boxer was bad-mouthing Tommy Fury for having a Twitter banner promoting their cancelled bout from last year while screen-recording a video for his Instagram story when an X-rated message came through from his partner, which read: "get off your phone and come eat my ass".

After a brief pause, Paul plays it off coolly, telling his followers: "Oh f***, don't worry about that guys", before resuming his Fury-bashing.

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The stunt was almost certainly choreographed, but that didn't stop fans raving about it on social media.

"Jake Paul is a lucky man," on person tweeted, while another asked: "Why doesn't my missus send me these sorts of texts?"

Paul and Fury have finally agreed to reschedule their fight – which was initially booked for December last year before Fury pulled out after picking up a rib injury in training – with their long-awaited one-on-one set to take place on August 6 in Madison Square Garden.

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Paul has been dating Rose, 28, since March 2020 and hasn't been afraid to show her off to his followers.

Earlier this week he posted a number of sexually suggestive photos of her on Twitter, along with the caption: "This is an appreciation post for Julia Rose and her all natural beauty. Girls go under the knife and still can’t compete."

He's also used her to poke fun at the Fury family in the past, hiding her in a suitcase on Instagram to take the mickey out of Tyson's strange jibe about "f***ing" her during the build-up to his bout against Tommy last year.


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