How to buy cheap NBA tickets with no service fee

Cheap NBA tickets are one of the most relevant topics that worry many fans of sports matches. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find cheap tickets, the more difficult it is to find a ticket without paying a commission. Nevertheless, there are still options, but the choice of these options should be approached very carefully. Everyone knows that the NBA cooperates with several ticket sales sites, there are many ways to buy and it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice. Does the ticket price change shortly before the match? This can only happen as an exception in the secondary sales market. A ticket to a sporting event is radically different from a concert ticket, so you should not expect big discounts at the last minute.

The most popular variants to buy a ticket without fees

Let’s start with the fact that there are a lot of offers for the sale of tickets. A novice and inexperienced fan may even get confused by such an abundance of seemingly profitable offers. Tickets for the game are offered by such world-famous sales giants as StubHub and Ticketmaster and other competitors in this field. However, these options will not suit you if you have fundamentally decided to buy a ticket without paying fees. Nevertheless, some services do not take a commission. For example, TickPick offers a great selection of tickets, and for many fans, this site is in the first place. At the same time, Megaseats‘ competitor is not far behind in popularity. This site also does not charge buyers fees. Many people call this service more modern and technically advanced. Both services operate legally and offer a standard set of guarantees.

Risks when buying a ticket and bits of advice

Experienced fans know all or almost all about the risks when buying tickets. Therefore, we appeal rather to beginners who are just trying to figure out the abundance of offers. The main thing when choosing a ticket is not to rush, even if the offer seems very tempting to you. So that the ticket purchase goes without unpleasant surprises, follow a few rules:

  • Carefully study the scheme and seating arrangement. Check which section your ticket is in.
  • Study the rules of the site where you make a purchase, who is responsible in case of problems, whether money is returned to you in case of cancellation of the game, what guarantees the site provides
  •  If the ticket price is too low, double-check all the details again. As a rule, there are no very cheap tickets for a good level game
  •  Focus on the experience of the site. Don’t buy a ticket from people you don’t know.

Megaseats: tickets without fees

As an example of a reliable and legal website, let’s give the Megaseats ticket sales service. This site is representative of the secondary market, the service has a good reputation and, as analysts note, is mostly among young users. The services of the site are often used by sports fans. After all, ticket prices are quite high, and the site does not charge an additional fee, the so-called fee. There is no catch in this: the sale of tickets without commissions is the trump card of the company’s executives who plan to start a new era in the secondary market of ticket sales. The site operates by the laws according to the generally accepted scheme. Guarantees are also provided if you received the wrong ticket that you bought if the ticket was delivered to you late or the ticket turned out to be fake – you will get your money back. It is worth noting that the service uses several algorithms that help significantly increase the degree of protection against fraudsters.