Elle Brooke would fight OnlyFans rival Astrid Wett ‘for a fiver’

Elle Brooke said she would fight Astrid Wett “for a fiver” if the opportunity ever arose.

Brooke was scheduled to fight her fierce rival last summer at a Kingpyn boxing event. They appeared at a quite extraordinary press conference which saw Brooke bring out a coffin with a blow-up doll inside, depicting her rival. However, Wett pulled out of the fight two days later claiming the stunt made her “fear for her safety."

In January, Brooke knocked out fellow OnlyFans star Faith Ordway in the first round and went on to call out Wett after the match. And Brooke reaffirmed her wish to take on her long term rival in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Sport , even making a very mild comparison to the rivalry between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

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“I think the Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight worked really well because they could both box,” Brooke responded, when asked if a Brooke vs Wett bout could potentially attract similar attention to Paul and Fury’s fight. “They are still novice but they can both box.

“Me and Astrid Wett as much as I would love that fight, I think it would be very one-sided. Plus, she is fighting a lot smaller than me as well. I think she is fighting at like 50kg, and that’s her preference.

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“Whether that fight will happen one day I don’t know if any promotion could make that happen. I don’t know if Astrid would need a lot of money.

“I would do it for a fiver, but I’m sure Astrid would want a lot of money to step into the ring with me.”

Wett overcame Keeley Colbran in her first fight in October last year and will face AJ Bunker – the former Love Islander who lost to Brooke last summer.

And while she still doubts the fight could happen, Brooke has already made it clear to Misfits she wants it to be booked. “We’ll see, I have definitely submitted my opinion about it, that I would like to do it,” Brooke added.

“Like the Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight, there was a long period of feud, then back and forth, and then it fell through a couple of times. “Whether that happens with me and Astrid, I don’t know.

“But, I don’t know if anyone in that space who has the same beef like me and her do. Of course, there is KSI and Jake, but no females anywhere.”

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