Ebanie Bridges ‘nearly loses it’ as she rips into Brits who can’t handle sun

Aussie boxing world champion Ebanie Bridges has lashed out at moaning Brits who are struggling with the ongoing heatwave – having grown up in the far hotter Greater Western Sydney climate.

The 35-year-old, who picked up the IBF bantamweight title with a win over Maria Cecilia Roman back in March, has built up a huge social media following thanks to her fine boxing ability as well as her tendency to wear lingerie during pre-fight weigh ins.

Using her Twitter account on Friday afternoon (June 17) she gave her thoughts on the reaction of Brits to the heatwave that led to temperatures of 32°c in London and highs of 26°c in Leeds.

Alongside several laughing face emojis, Bridges wrote: "Ngl [no gonna lie] It’s actually not that hot.

"Far out the way everyone’s been carrying on the last few days I was expecting it to be boiling like unbearable. F*** sake haha."

With one follower saying in response: "Welcome to England! It’ll rain on Sun & we'll moan about it but for now, 'Bloody hell it’s hot! Different kind of heat to Europe'."

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To which she replied: "Hahahaha Defs with the repeating hahaha I was in gym today and I was like if I hear one more person say 'bloody hell it’s hot' imma lose it."

Before adding: "It’s so funny tbh at first I was a little worried cos yeh I’m use to aircon so we don’t get that bothered by heat.

"I mean even outside it isn’t that hot maybe I was really expecting it to feel like our 40+ degree days haha."

A second Twitter user then said: "You're an adopted Brit now Ebanie. Remember anything above 23c is too hot and anything below 18c is too cold."

Bridges grew up in Greater Western Sydney, where temperatures sit at an average of between 26°c and 28°c during the summer months.

The Blonde Bomber is currently in training for her first title defence of the IBF bantamweight strap, with an opponent not yet announced.

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