Dillian Whyte left wobbled and disorientated after Tyson Fury uppercut

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Six rounds was all it took for Tyson Fury to find his range and deliver the hammer-blow to end Dillian Whyte's challenge for his heavyweight titles.

The 'Gypsy King' will continue to reign triumphant after delivering a well-timed uppercut in the sixth round. Whyte, 34, answered the call and briefly looked as though he would beat the count, only to fall into the ropes as he struggled to regain his balance.

Referee Mark Lyson made the correct call to end the fight, which might have continued given the sixth-round bell was so near. It's just as well the bout ended when it did, however, considering Fury was looking increasingly dominant the longer it wore on.

For all the power packed in Fury's uppercut, it was actually the Gypsy King's shove that followed which sent Whyte crashing to the mat. Nevertheless, 'The Body Snatcher' looked so hurt by the initial impact that he would have made for a simple target soon after.

For all their bluster before the bout, it was encouraging to see Fury and Whyte share some kind words for one another in the aftermath. The fourth round sent tensions racing after a couple of questionable head collisions and a wayward elbow from Whyte, but the pair looked jovial after their match.

talkSPORT' Michael Benson referred to the clash as "six rounds of pure domination" in Fury's favour leading up to the knockout blow. Mixed martial arts journalist Luke Thomas, meanwhile, remarked that Fury "is so much better than these heavyweights. Truly the king."

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Perhaps Fury's biggest surprise was left until after the fight, however, as he suggested he may well retire. The 33-year-old spoke of his desire to lay on a spectacle for his UK fans after four years fighting in the United States, saying a sold-out Wembley may be the perfect send-off.

Fury told BT Sport he promised his wife, Paris, he'd hand up his gloves after the Deontay Wilder trilogy, only to come back and fight at Wembley. "I have to be a man of my word, and I think this is it," he said. "I think this might be the final curtain for the Gypsy King."

The WBC heavyweight champion had hinted at retirement following the Whyte bout only to backtrack and hint he had "a couple of fights left." His fans may be disappointed to hear that's not the case after all, meaning a date opposite Anthony Joshua may never come to pass.

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