Deji sends ex-KSI victim Swarmz brutal reminder after recent call out

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji fight officially confirmed

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Deji Olatunji has shrugged off Swarmz’s call-out after his victory over Ryan Taylor last weekend. The British YouTube star warned Swarmz to ‘stay in his lane’ following the rappers’ recent successes.

Swarmz redeemed himself on Saturday with a one-punch stoppage victory over Taylor on the KSI vs FaZe Temperrr undercard in London. After being battered from pillar to post by KSI in August, the 26-year-old was able to pick up his first victory courtesy of a stiff jab which appeared to break Taylor’s orbital bone.

In the immediate aftermath, a confident Swarmz called for fights against popular content creators Deji and King Kenny during his post-fight interview. “It was a touch, we call it a likkle touch,” he said on the DAZN broadcast. “I’ve been working hard for this moment as everyone saw me get battered by KSI, calling me a ballerina. It’s been playing on my mind so I had to get redemption.

“I’m a musician that has come into the boxing game I can’t wait bro. Next fight I’m ready. Where’s Deji? Where’s King Kenny? All the respect, I’m a fair guy. Deji and Kenny are top of the game, top five. I can’t wait for it to happen.”

But despite impressing Deji with his improvements, KSI’s younger brother doesn’t believe a fight between the pair would be competitive.

“Swarmz was looking good, Swarmz was looking good. He called me out though, don’t know what that was all about,” said Deji in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel. “Right now, you’re doing ok, I don’t want to ruin that for you. I suggest you stay in your lane and stay with the scrubs, you’re not with the upper echelons.”

Expanding on his next fight during an interview with Fred Talks Fighting, Swarmz admitted that his preference would be Deji due to their ‘similar journeys’ in the sport. “When I got whooped by KSI it actually broke my self-confidence,” he said. “I wasn’t going to box again but I’m not going to lie even though I want to fight Deji next, he did inspire me because I seen him lose more than once and he came back and got redemeption.”

He added: “Obviously he’s got a different story but it’s similar, we lost and now we’ve come back and got redemption. That’s why I called it redemption. We’re the same build, plus as KSI beat me up it would be good to beat up his little brother as well.”

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