Carl Frampton mirrors Victor Anichebe’s famous ‘tweet something like’ blunder

Carl Frampton has had his very own Victor Anichebe "tweet something like" howler on social media.

Ex-Everton and West Brom striker Anichebe infamously forgot to remove the instruction from his PR manager when he copy and pasted a pre-prepared post following a defeat against West Ham for Sunderland in October 2016.

And now former boxing world champion Frampton has mirrored the blunder. His accidental tweet about one-time opponent Nonito Donaire read: "Can you tweet please, Just spoken to @filipinoflash. A more positive man would be hard to find. We could all take a leaf out of his book at times."

Frampton swiftly deleted the tweet and re-uploaded it without the opening four words. The 26 seconds between posts was seemingly quick enough for no one to pick up on the error.

The Northern Irishman probably thought he'd avoided the embarrassment which Anichebe suffered. But it didn't get past our eagle eyes at Daily Star Sport, as you can see below.

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Anichebe's tweet wasn't picked up on as quick as Frampton's and is still a regularly used meme on social media today. He erroneously posted: "Can you tweet something like, Unbelievable support yesterday and great effort by the lads! Hard result to take! But we go again!"

Of course, he and Frampton aren't the only sports stars to slip up on their online accounts. Former Aston Villa defender Joleon Lescott ended up becoming the butt of a joke – quite literally – in February 2016.

A picture of a brand new silver Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe, worth £121,690, ended up on his timeline just 15 minutes after a 6-0 hammering at the hands on Liverpool.

He pleaded it was an accident and claimed the tweet was sent while his phone was in his pocket and he was driving. The explanation is one he's stuck to, but fans still aren't buying it.

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