Boxing giant turned Bigfoot hunter Nikolai Valuev spotted at Victory Day parade

A former heavyweight champion turned Bigfoot hunter has been spotted at Russia’s Victory Day parade in Moscow.

Nikolai Valuev, a seven-foot giant, was a two-time WBA heavyweight world champion before retiring after losing his belt on points to Britain’s David Haye in 2009. Valuev went on to turn his attention to proving the existence of the ‘Russian Yeti’ and has spent more than a decade hunting Bigfoot.

He is also a Russian patriot, having been spotted watching the Victory Day parade in his nation’s capital today (Tuesday). Victory Day – Russia’s most important national holiday – commemorates the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, at the end of the Second World War.

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Last year, Valuev, a member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, revealed he had been called up to fight for his country in the invasion of Ukraine.

"In my opinion, everyone has received a summons, I also received a summons," he told Russian language publication Izvestia. "Will I go? Of course, I will go to the enlistment office now."

The ongoing war on Ukraine prompted Moscow to scale back the annual celebrations, with more than 20 cities around the country dropping military parades.

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Now 49, Valuev quit boxing just three days after losing to Haye. The following year his doctor confirmed he was treating Valuev for “serious bone and joint problems”. In 2013, he confirmed he would be not be making a comeback on medical advice.

However, that hasn’t stopped Valuev from searching in vain for ‘Bigfoot’. His bid to find the creature even saw him appear on Channel 4 series ‘Bigfoot Files’ in 2013.

Unfortunately, the show failed to prove Bigfoot's existence. It was not the only time Valuev had embarked on a search for the Russian Yeti.

In 2011, he set out on a two-day expedition in Siberia but returned empty-handed, according to a government press release.

“Valuev did not manage to meet the yeti itself but on the way he discovered ‘traces’ such as broken tree branches,” read the government statement. “By the time they reached the Azass cave, the expedition saw gigantic footprints, similar to a human’s.”


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