AJ is told not to speak out by his advisors, claims Wilder on the Hook

Anthony Joshua has to be told not to speak out by his advisors – because ‘he slips up and they have to clean up’ the mess he makes, claims his rival Deontay Wilder on Mail Sport’s The Hook

  • Anthony Joshua has to be told not to speak out by his team, says Deontay Wilder
  • American insists Joshua ‘slips up’ and then his team ‘have to clean up’ after him
  • Why Anthony Joshua turned down Deontay Wilder’s £40million offer – The Hook 

Deontay Wilder has taken aim at rival Anthony Joshua by claiming the British star has been told by his advisors to not to speak out on boxing matters – because they end up having to clean up the mess he makes.

A showdown between Wilder and Joshua has long been on the cards but a fight is yet to materialise.

The two will cross paths on December 23 in Saudi Arabia, given that they are both fighting on the same card, albeit against different opponents.

When asked why the fight hasn’t become a reality yet, Wilder exclusively told Mail Sport that Joshua had rejected his mammoth $50million (£40m) to face him, and that it was Joshua’s management that prevented a blockbuster showdown from happening.

And Wilder has now mocked the British star by claiming he is creating issues for his promotion team because he ‘always slips up’ when when he speaks out.

Anthony Joshua (centre right) has to be told not to speak out by his team, says Deontay Wilder. The British heavyweight is pictured posing for a photo with his manager Freddie Cunningham (left), promoter Eddie Hearn (centre left) and DAZN’s Joe Markowski (right)

Wilder (right) says Joshua’s (left) team have advised him to not speak out as he always ‘slips up’

When asked why the fight hasn’t happened as of yet, Wilder told Charlotte Daly on Mail Sport’s podcast The Hook: ‘What I wouldn’t say it’s down to is money because he asked for $50million and we provided that for him. 

‘He did not take it, and and the only way you disregard that is try to make a mockery of it, try to make a joke of it, try to make it seem to the public that it is not real.

‘”Oh, it’s coming from him. Oh, he don’t have 50 you know, he don’t have 50″. That’s just a deflection to not like [fight].

Wilder was talking exclusively to Charlotte Daly on Mail Sport’s podcast The Hook

‘They came up with $50m because he spoke, that’s why they don’t have Joshua speaking a lot on his own behalf and if he does speak, Joshua always slips up and says things that aren’t appealing to his people. They had to play clean up.

‘But most of all I think is his management promotion that has really helped it.

‘Actually I don’t think, I know for a fact, that it’s been management, it’s been promotion that have held him back from fighting me because you know, he’s a fighter.

‘Of course, many times we get to the point where we say no, but then that peer pressure of people kicks in. “When you gonna fight Wilder? When you gonna fight?” It’s been over six years.

‘This is the biggest fight in the world. I’m gonna fight because we don’t want to look like we’re lesser than who we are.

‘We’re gladiators, all of us, we risk our lives for your guys’ entertainment, for you to have jobs, for you to talk about something. You know what I mean? We risk our life for that.

‘People don’t understand that. So with that being said, he wanted to fight, he wanted to accept it, but his handler didn’t want it because Joshua is the money-maker for the company.

Wilder accused Joshua of turning down a $50million (£40m) offer to fight him

‘And if he goes down, so does the business.’ 

When asked if it concerns him if the fight will go ahead given that Joshua still turned down £40m for it, Wilder responded: ‘It used to for a very long time, you know, and we still continue to try to get it [sorted].

‘But at this moment in time, I don’t think that exists no more as far as worrying if it’s gonna happen.

‘I know for sure it’s gonna happen now. So, everything is good.’

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