Adebayo Akinfenwa open to Misfits boxing bout – he’d do damage with 99 strength

Misfits Boxing fans believe Adebayo Akinfenwa could step into the squared circle with ‘99 strength’.

The Wycombe Wanderers legend is best known for the ‘99 strength’ card he was attributed on the classic FIFA Games. He was, by quite some distance, the strongest player to ever star on FIFA, making him a fan favourite and a huge celebrity amongst the football and YouTube communities.

However, the 40-year-old is no longer sending defenders and goalkeepers into row Z, having retired at the end of last season. However, he appeared to hint at a potential venture in Misfits Boxing which would surely see him punching unfortunate competitors over the top rope.

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When asked by DAZN presenter and British rapper Big Zuu if he would ever fancy a venture in Misfits Boxing, Akinfenwa simply replied “never say never”. This has understandably excited the Misfits crowd, many of which are hardcore YouTube fans.

Considering his sheer strength and size, anybody would need to be very brave if they were to spar with Akinfenwa, let alone challenge him to a boxing bout. However, Misfits fans were very busy envisioning what the Beast would look like in the ring.

Would you want to see Adebayo Akinfenwa put on a pair of gloves and step into Misfits Boxing? Let us know in the comments section below

"What is this world? Big beast Adebayo Akinfenwa has just come on and said he’d happily fight in the future," one fan wrote on social media. "Akinfenwa fighting is something I’d be here for solely for the s***housery," another very excited supporter commented.

"If Akinfenwa isn’t on the next fight card am not interested," one very passionate Misfits supporter warned. "Too many goats, Akinfenwa saying he may fight in the future. This s*** the reason they got a 5 year contract."

And a final one posted: "Akinfenwa literally had 99 strength, he would box holes through people."

Akinfenwa spent six years on loan at Wanderers, contributing 60 goals and 40 assists in 250 appearances for the club. He played a crucial role in Wycombe’s historic promotion to the Championship in the 2019-20 campaign.

Nowadays, Akinfenwa can be found on programs such as Soccer AM and, most recently, as a pundit for the likes of Sky Sports and TalkSPORT.

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