WWE superstar says the dark days of British wrestling are over

Danny Burch says the dark days of British wrestling are over as a new crop of stars get to shine on TV with WWE.

Independent promotions and schools across the country are putting on shows and producing talent on a regular basis.

And the chances of being seen by WWE scouts keep growing, as the company recruits for its European brand, NXT UK.

Comparing talent scouting now to when he was first signed by the American sports entertainment giant in 2011, the 'Strong Style Brit' believes there are definitely more opportunities.

However, speaking to Mirror Sport's John Isherwood, the veteran brawler, real name Martin Harris, said that doesn't mean it will be easy to impress the likes of William Regal, Robbie Brookside and, ultimately, Triple H.

He said: "It's not easier, (than in the past) but it is more accessible to be able to get seen now, especially with how big wrestling has got in the UK. I do think that the radar blip is a lot more visible right now.

"They have to have kind of an interest in you, I would say. So I don't necessarily think it's easier to go and get signed now. You still have to be able to deliver.

"What the guys have to do now to impress is tough, it’s still no cakewalk you know!"

Being part of WWE has opened many doors for the East Londoner and given him the chance to feature in multiple divisions across the company and beyond.

Currently Burch is wrestling on 205 Live alongside his tag team partner Oney Lorcan, however, he's also been a featured cornerstone of both NXT and NXT UK.

As with many WWE talents based in the UK, Burch has also starred for the affiliated Progress Wrestling in London, something which he doesn't take for granted.

"I hadn't worked for Progress much before my first run in FCW [WWE's developmental territory from 2007 to 2012, Florida Championship Wrestling] so I wasn't around when it really exploded," he said.

"I did a couple of shows for them, but then I really saw that company grow and develop whilst I was living in the States. So to get the chance to go back, me and Oney had a tag match, December last year, and to have that chance to go back and get that hometown welcome was amazing. I'd love the chance to go back to Progress again."

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