WWE news: Was Sami Zayn supposed to drop AEW bombshell on RAW?

Zayn took part on Corey Graves’ first ever episode of the talkshow The Electric Chair where he grew frustrated with some of the fans’ questions.

The ex-NXT Champion was not impressed and expressed his disappointment as he expected more hard-hitting questions about other important subjects, such as AEW whose first ever Pay-Per-View event Double or Nothing proved to be a major success.

Zayn said: “You could ask me anything, you could have asked me about AEW.”

WWE cut that line from their YouTube videos and social media but the publisher and editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer claims the wrestling giants’ Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon gave The Critic of the Critics permission to mention AEW.

Meltzer said it was ultimately pulled out because management had second thoughts afterwards.

He said: “The AEW line was scripted then they pulled it from the video afterwards and I actually asked someone what’s going on and it’s just like all I heard was, ‘It was so f*****g stupid.’

“Okay, if it’s not scripted then [Zayn] is gonna be suspended.

“If you go against the script on live TV and say AEW they’ll suspend you for sure.

“They’re not going to fire you because they won’t fire anybody, obviously.

“I was just told and the person who told me should know because it’s in the meeting.”

However, Bryan Alvarez, also from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and PWInsider claim that Zayn went off script.

If that’s the case then the RAW superstar is facing a fine or a suspension as WWE are hesitant about firing top talent because they fear they will go to AEW.

Meltzer, though, insists on his story no matter how unusual that sort of move would have been by WWE.

Ever since WCW went out of business in 2001 the wrestling giants have been avoiding mentioning other promotions like Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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