WWE great Batista reveals unbelievable reaction to hilarious WrestleMania botch

However, The Animal insists that it was only after that mishap when he finally managed to get rid of his pre-match jitters and have some fun.

The six-time world champion revealed that he had to wait in a car for a long time before his No Holds Barred Match with Triple H and had to warm up three times.

That led to a lot of frustration and stress as he started worrying about the condition he will be in once his fight comes up.

But he got rid of all of his worries once he tripped between the ropes in front of over 82,000 fans and even went to hug his WWE opponents’ parents when the lights went out.

I tripped


Batista told Chris Van Vliet: “I tripped.

“I think one of my boots got stuck on the rope and it was a lot of different factors.

“At the end of the day I just tripped.

“It’s funny because I was so worked up before that and after I tripped I just had fun.

“I had fun, I went out and I just started really living in that moment because I knew that was the last time I was going to be there.

“And as I looked around I saw Triple H’s parents and as soon as the lights went out I went over and hugged them.

“That put me at ease, believe it or not.

“Cause I was in that car a lot longer than people think that I was in that car.

“Just sitting there getting cold so I warmed up three times before I actually went out because it was a long show.

“So I was cooped up in that car, I got out, I was terrified, I was nervous, I was cold again, I was worried about that, I was concerned about way too much other than our match.

“And then after I tripped it just all went away.”

Batista lost the match and then retired from professional wrestling to focus on his acting career that has made him a big star in Hollywood.

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