WWE allowing top star to work unscripted promos on recent shows

WWE has received criticism from many older stars and long-time fans concerning scripted promos that never seem believable. However, they have been loosening the reigns in recent months.

The first wrestler to be allowed to cut unscripted promos was Sami Zayn when he started coming out and dressing down what he called hypocritical fans. While that has ended, WWE has handed another wrestler a live mic now.

The past few weeks when Kevin Owens came out to the ring to cut promos against Shane McMahon and talking about how he was taking away screen time from more deserving wrestlers were all unscripted.

Instead, just like in the old days of WWE, Sports Illustrated reports that Owens was given some bullet points before he went out and WWE trusted him to cut a good promo that stayed on target and got to the point.

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