Tyson Fury branded ‘hilarious’ by Deontay Wilder as he tells WWE to cut the ‘b******* out’

Tyson Fury’s new venture into WWE has been called ‘hilarious’ by Deontay Wilder, who thinks the company need to ‘cut the b*******’ over the Gypsy King’s Lineal heavyweight champion tag.

Fury appeared on WWE SmackDown last week when he hopped the barricade in an attempt to confront Braun Strowman.

He then took to the microphone on Monday Night RAW a few days later where he and Strowman came to blows and were separated by security.

This evening in Las Vegas, WWE are holding a press conference ahead of SmackDown where it’s expected that Fury’s October 31 Crown Jewel showdown with Strowman is announced.

Fury’s WWE exploits have been lauded by most but Wilder has taken aim at his rival’s decision to venture into pro-wrestling, calling it ‘hilarious’.

He also lambasted WWE for billing Fury as the Lineal heavyweight champion.

“I saw him in the WWE,” Wilder told the Independent.

“I thought it was hilarious and I liked how the other wrestler told him he was going to be left on his back looking up at the lights just like Deontay Wilder did him.

“It’s exciting times in the heavyweight division and you can tell the WWE understand, they understand what’s going on.

“But it was laughable that Tyson Fury described himself as the heavyweight champion of the world, they need to cut that bullshit out.

“Tyson, you are not the heavyweight champion of the world, you are just in the top 10.

“He talks about this lineal stuff but that don’t mean nothing. I ain’t ever seen a 12-round fight with no title, no belt.

“You say you’re the champ but it’s an invisible belt, we can’t see nothing.”

Fury and Wilder are expected to do battle for the WBC heavyweight championship in February 22 but only if the Mancunian can recover from the eye injury he sustained in his clash with Otto Wallin last month. 

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