WATCH: Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson reveals his guilty pleasures

What are Gylfi Sigurdsson’s guilty pleasures?

Ahead of Everton’s trip to Manchester United on Sky Sports on Sunday, Sigurdsson was quizzed by Laura Woods on a wide range of topics, from his favourite pizza toppings to his favourite films and whether he would rather play a round of golf with Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy.

Amid plenty of laughter, Sigurdsson – a keen golfer – also answered questions about box sets, social media and recalls a story of a time he met McIlroy and asked him for a photo.

Man Utd vs Everton

October 28, 2018, 3:30pm

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“My first game for Swansea, which was the opening game of the season at Old Trafford, he was there and after the game I was waiting around and he was walking out so I got a quick picture with him.

“He was in a suit and running out of the stadium to get into a car!”

Sigurdsson also talks Christmas films, ice creams and more.

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