Intense Klopp told to ‘grow up’ after awkward death stares during Spurs’ warm-up

Jurgen Klopp has been asked to ‘grow up’ after issuing death stares to Tottenham.

The Liverpool manager was filmed watching Antonio Conte’s men warm-up at Anfield ahead of the side’s Premier League encounter, seemingly giving the squad the evil eye.

But the death stare has been mocked by social media, with some even telling the coach to ‘grow up.' One wrote in response to the video tweeted by Sky Sports: “Oooo look at me i watch the other team warm up for the cameras, grow up.”

Another said: “His new act for the cameras.” A third stated: “Jurgen cant believe his eyes watching emerson warm up.” While a fourth said: “EVERYTHING Klopp does is for the cameras.”

With Manchester City in first place in the league and the Reds just a point behind, they are doing everything to leapfrog the side during the final stages of the season. And that almost definitely means that they will have to win all of their remaining games.

But unlike the Citizens, Liverpool do have a Champions League final to look forward to later this month. Klopp and his men will go up against Real Madrid at the Stade de France on May 28.

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But Klopp has said that Madrid’s experience going into the final means that they are the favourites. “It was strange and unlucky for City, but what Madrid did was outstanding. They’ve got through against PSG, Chelsea and City," he said. We said it before about Villarreal, if you knock out Juventus and Bayern you deserve to be in the semi-final and if you knock out those three guys then you definitely deserve to be in the final.

“They are now the massive favourites, all the experience they have and all these kinds of things. We are more experienced than we were, but that’s not to compare, a lot of players are still in for them and for us, which is a good sign. It will be great!”

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