Broader talks should bring AFLW CBA decision: Pearce

Daisy Pearce is confident that fresh talks between the AFLPA and AFLW players will produce a result that allows the 2020 season to go ahead as planned, given more players will have the chance to speak directly to the players union.

Daisy Pearce.Credit:AAP

Pearce said she felt she had enough information about the deal to vote for it. That is one of the main gripes of the group that voted against it.

“If Gill [Gillon McLachlan], Steve Hocking and Nicole Livingstone come and sit before us in one of these meetings and discuss their rationale for why and why not on some of the details on this, I listen and take that information and trust that that’s how it will play out. I don’t need to see it written down, so I don’t need any more information.”

Other gripes include the length of the season, lack of representation on the AFLPA board for women's players and the length of the pre-season.

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