F1 news: Mercedes boss Toto Wolff LAUGHS at Max Verstappen claim

Mercedes have been linked with a move for youngster Verstappen regularly since he hit the headlines in 2015 by becoming the youngster ever F1 driver.

Red Bull boss Helmut Marko claimed last month that the Dutchman spoke to Toto Wolff on a regular basis.

“Toto Wolff regularly calls him and his father, Jos,” Marko told AutoBild.

“I am relaxed about it.

“He feels good with us and if we give him world championship material, I will not worry that he will stay.”

However, Verstappen and his father both denied the claims immediately, and Wolff has now had his say.

He said: “We had quite a laugh about it all three of us.

“I haven’t got Max’s number and I’ve never spoken to him on the phone.

“As Max rightly said I’ve known Jos for a long time and I would consider him a friend.

“We talk about babies and go-karting and when do we put our babies in a go-kart together and which team are we going to set up.

“There is no talking about Max nor his contract.

“For the right reasons, Max is very committed to the Honda/Red Bull situation.

“We are committed to our drivers and we are not planning to engage in any sort of discussions and nor are Jos or Max, so I don’t know where that came from.”

Verstappen’s link to Mercedes has been denied, F1 expert James Allen thinks that he remains the team’s preferred option for the future.

“The most likely long-term replacement for Hamilton at Mercedes is probably Verstappen,” Allen exclusively told Express Sport.

“I think the fit looks right between Verstappen and Mercedes, my hunch is that he will be there long term.”

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