Scariest goalie masks in NHL history: Creepy, cool and just plain weird

Behind every great goalie mask is a story about how the particular design relates to the individual. In hockey, a sport where players’ personalities are stifled, it’s an opportunity for some to showcase their creative flair or pay homage to a person or cause kept close to heart.

Others opt for the totally grotesque, strange or downright creepy concepts. 

In time for Halloween, we thought it would be a treat to revisit some of the spookiest goalie masks of all time. From Jacques Plante’s unintentionally terrifying early design to the advent of airbrushing and the niche industry birthed from it, there have been a great deal of masks to admire. Some concepts seem like they’re straight out of a horror film, while others literally are. There have been skeletons, vampires, goblins and ghouls aplenty, plus that one time Carey Price did that very disturbing Plante tribute.

For much more, SN contributor Jennifer Conway shares the creepy, cool, strange stories behind each mask. Read about them here.


Montreal Canadiens (1959)

Boston Bruins (1971)

California Golden Seals (1975)

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