Week 9 NFL picks, predictions

Brief disclaimer: Week 9 begins just two days after the NFL trade deadline passes, so the results of many of these games could be drastically altered based on the deals made (in some cases, the deals not made). Take these picks with even more of a grain of salt than usual.

Disclaimer to the disclaimer: None of that will diminish the meaning, drama and sheer watchabilityof the best matchup of the weekend, the undefeated Rams going to the Superdome to face the one-loss Saints.

The Rams have found themselves in some unexpected dogfights during their run, none more than last week’s game against the Packers, which felt like more of a road game, and which turned on a gaffe on a kickoff that robbed Aaron Rodgers of a chance to march the Packers to a streak-busting win.

Those were the Packers. These are the Saints, and Drew Brees, and Alvin Kamara, and Sean Payton, and the Dome. Which means the Rams will … nah, not yet, just keep reading, thanks.

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