NFL Trade Deadline 2018: Live updates, rumors, completed trades, things to know, trade grades

The NFL is the king of sports entertainment, but for the longest time, it simply couldn’t compete with other major leagues in one area: The trade deadline.

Even after extending the buzzer for in-season deals from the Tuesday after Week 6 to the Tuesday after Week 8 back in 2012, the NFL hardly came close to matching the whirlwind of moves that often comes with NBA, NHL and MLB seasons. Big-name blockbusters were the exception, not the rule, and even when notable players did get moved (see: Randy Moss in 2010, Carson Palmer in 2011), they were just about the only players on the move.

In today’s NFL, however, things have changed.

More than ever, teams are progressive in swapping bloated or expiring contracts, and 2017 alone saw Jimmy Garoppolo land with the 49ers, Jay Ajayi with the Eagles, Kelvin Benjamin with the Bills, Duane Brown with the Seahawks and Marcell Dareus with the Jaguars. Even before this year’s Tuesday deadline, the following players have already been traded: Josh Gordon, Carlos Hyde, Amari Cooper, Eli Apple and Damon Harrison.

It stands to reason, then, that more activity is on the way.

Contenders like the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have a storied history of doing deals and have been linked to multiple positions, while anticipated sellers like the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos could have a handful of veterans to offer up. And then, of course, there’s the whole unpredictability factor — one that spikes when time is crunched, players are available and phone calls are incoming.

We’ve got it all covered right here, with live updates and analysis on any and everything related to NFL trade deadline news and rumors:

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