14 NFL records that could be broken by end of 2018 season

We may refer back to the NFL's 2018 campaign as one of the more memorable in the league's 99-year history. (Perhaps you caught Chiefs-Rams on Monday night?)

At a time when so many strong teams seemed headed for (hopefully) more memorable encounters once the playoffs roll around, we've also seen a variety of fresh and still-not-fading stars track toward unprecedented regular-season performances. Some seem destined to rewrite the record book, while others will require a Herculean push over the next six weeks to stake a claim.

Here are just a few league marks that could come crashing down by season's end:

Touchdown passes

Kansas City phenom Patrick Mahomes remains in striking distance of Peyton Manning's single-season record (55 in 2013) after adding six Monday night and pushing his total to 37 through 11 games. At his current rate, Mahomes is on track to fire 54 TDs, though December's weather could be an obstacle given he'll play three games at Arrowhead Stadium and another in Seattle. Still, decent shot at ketchup nirvana for the youngster.

Completion percentage

Drew Brees has broken this record three times since 2009, most recently last year when he reclaimed it from Sam Bradford by becoming the first quarterback to hit the 72 percent plateau for a single season. But apparently the Saints standout is tired of messing around and really wants to put it way out there. He's currently at 76.9 percent, a number that might have once seemed unattainable.

Passer rating

This goes hand in hand with completion rate to a significant degree, so Brees might take this one down, too. He's currently at 126.9, well ahead of Aaron Rodgers' seven-year-old high-water mark (122.5).

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