Volkanovski reveals the HUGE blow before his second Holloway fight

Aussie UFC champ Alex Volkanovski reveals the HUGE blow a drug test dealt to his preparation for second Max Holloway bout: ‘It’s why I wanted the rematch straight away’

  • Alex Volkanovski has lifted the lid on a ridiculous late-night USADA visit 
  • The drugs testers demanded a sample while he was sleeping before Holloway II 
  • The Aussie explained that the disturbance affected his Octagon performance
  • Volkanovski left no doubt as to the king of the featherweights at UFC 276 

Alexander Volkanovski has explained how a ridiculous late-night USADA visit seriously affected his performance against Max Holloway in 2020 with the UFC star feeling he has finally put the ghosts of their second fight to bed. 

The 33-year-old left no doubt as to who reigns supreme at the top of the featherweight division on Saturday night, putting in a performance for the ages to dismantle former champion Holloway over five rounds. 

It was the sort of display that Volkanovski was desperate for, to showcase his prowess after a sluggish defence of his title which left many fans believing the Hawaiian had been harshly denied the belt. 

Alexander Volkanovski has revealed how he was disturbed before his second fight vs Holloway

And now the featherweight champion has revealed that a late-night visit by drugs testers USADA was a significant factor behind his performance in Abu Dhabi. 

‘It was four hours before I had to get up, so it was halfway through my sleep,’ he said after UFC 276. ‘They woke us all up and said “we are going to test him” and obviously my coaches and management were like “what do you mean? what the hell?” 

‘I went there and obviously I woke up during the night to piss, I couldn’t fill it up, I had to water load, the story goes on. I was sculling water so I could hurry up, p**s off and go to bed.

‘I couldn’t go to sleep so I took melatonin tablets. Woke up, still in a sleep cycle and now when you watch that fight, it probably makes a bit of sense. 

The Australian proved he is the best featherweight on earth with a dominant display in Vegas

Volkanovski had to prove the doubters wrong after his close second fight with Holloway and explained that a late night visit from USADA disrupted his preparations for the bout

‘Put it this way, when I said I didn’t turn up, now I can say it, it’s not an excuse because look what I did tonight. I waited until now to tell you the full story. I mean, that’s why I am so confident, I forced everything. You watch that fight, I had no reactions, my reaction time was way off. 

‘I had no reaction, no pace, everything was forced, I had to force everything. I had to use my head, I had to force things to happen, but that is the type of guy I am. 

‘Even when things were all against me, I stood my ground and I still forced s*** and made it happen. That is the type of champion I am. 

The 33-year-old is now looking to challenge for the lightweight title after Saturday’s victory

‘I am sort of glad that happened, because it made me even stronger. I didn’t want to get into this but obviously I didn’t feel good. That is why I wanted the rematch straightaway. 

‘I wanted the fight because I know I didn’t show myself, I know I didn’t turn up, but then I thought I don’t need to worry about that, I finally got over it and never let all that stuff get to me.’

Volkanovski’s victory over Holloway affords the Australian time to pursue the lightweight championship, which is currently vacant after Charles Oliveira was stripped for missing weight.

A Sydney homecoming is also in the works, with UFC chiefs reportedly interested in a February 2023 date.  

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