McGregor claims he was beating Khabib before submitting at UFC 229

Conor McGregor insists he was beating ‘pitiful’ Khabib Nurmagomedov by TWO ROUNDS before submitting in their iconic bout at UFC 229 as the Irishman breaks down the fight for fans

  • McGregor claims he beating Nurmagomedov before submitting at UFC 229
  • The Irishman broke down the fight for fans on Twitter on Tuesday evening
  • He argued that he won the first and third round, while giving Khabib the second
  • McGregor also believes he was winning the fourth until he was made to submit
  • Khabib admitted that a hotly-anticipated rematch with McGregor ‘makes sense’

Conor McGregor has insisted that he was winning his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov by two rounds before he submitted at UFC 229.

The Irishman ended up tapping out in the fourth round of their lightweight title fight over two years ago, before the blockbuster bout was marred by clashes between the two fighters’ teams in and around the octagon.

The bad-blooded feud will go down in UFC history for it’s controversy, violence and high-octane drama – and McGregor believes he had Khabib right where he wanted him before the ‘trip’ in the fourth.

Conor McGregor claims he beating Khabib Nurmagomedov before submitting at UFC 229

Many fans believe that Khabib was in total control of the fight and had won both rounds one and three before emphatically making his enemy tap out with a rear-naked chokehold.

However, McGregor believes that he in fact won the first and third round, while he handed the second to the Dagestani champion.

When a fan on Twitter claimed McGregor was ‘mauled’ by Khabib, the 32-year-old replied: ‘I won round one. Out struck him three to one here. Elbows, knees, clatters. He held on entire round. Round two he won.

‘This round had the kimura attempt you speak of. I kneed him full force into his eye socket here and broke the grip fully. A lovely shot! I won three also and four up until the trip.’ 

McGregor broke down the fight on Twitter, where he claimed he was winning by two rounds

Fans asked McGregor about the fight before he replied with a round-by-round breakdown

Another fan backed up his claims by saying that a ‘motivated’ McGregor would have won, which he replied: ‘On the mula! Round 1’s mine. Out struck 3-1. Elbow, knees, clatters! He held on.

‘Two is his but I land multiple knees. One from standing after the overhand, and one from bottom into the eye socket at kimura attempt. Not a scratch end of round also. I won round three, and four until the trip.’

The two-time champion then posted a picture of himself up against the cage, saying: ‘Ye, not a scratch. Relaxing before I bounced up and bet his brother and his cousin round.’

McGregor is now preparing to return to the octagon and fight Dustin Poirier for the second time in his career with the bout looking to take place on January 23. 

Khabib (left) knocked McGregor down once, scored three takedowns before winning the bout

McGregor also believes he was winning the fourth until he was made to submit at UFC 229

McGregor claimed he was ‘relaxing’ on the cage following his defeat in the main event

Talks of a hotly-anticipated rematch between McGregor and Khabib looks to be on the cards, with the Russian admitting that a second fight would ‘make sense’.  

Khabib revealed he will be keeping an eye on McGregor but said that a rematch between the two of them will not be happening if he fights at welterweight.

The Russian told the Mike Swick podcast: ‘If he beats him (Dustin Poirier) in 155, it makes sense. But if they fight in 170, how can you fight in 170 and then next fight be in 155.

‘They want to make everything easy. If you want to take it the easy way, you will never deserve another title shot. 

‘Remember before I fought him, I said ‘I am going to make you humble and I am going to put you on the line’ and now after 2 years people understand my words. 

Khabib refused to rule out a rematch with McGregor if he beat Dustin Poirier at welterweight

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has been linked as a future opponent for Khabib

‘I am going to put him on the line and I am going to make the decision. If he fights 170, bye bye.’

Khabib will defend his lightweight title against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 this weekend as he looks to extend his perfect record to 29-0.  

He admitted that he would consider retiring from fighting should he reach 30-0, but it is yet to be decided who he will fight after Gaethje.

A rematch with McGregor is a possibility while UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has been linked with a comeback to fight Khabib. 

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