Red Sox-Dodgers World Series: The crazy movement on Joe Kelly’s nasty changeup to whiff Matt Kemp is just unfair

Joe Kelly pitched just one dominant inning during the Red Sox’s win over the Dodgers in Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday. However, it may have been the most memorably-pitched inning of the night. Kelly struck out two and didn’t allow a baserunner, while several of his pitches hit 100 mph.

But a pitcher that can throw gas is nothing without an off-speed pitch. Luckily, Joe Kelly’s changeup more than fits the bill. Look at this pitch, and try to convince yourself that Matt Kemp had any type of chance to hit it.

How the heck was Matt Kemp supposed to hit this?

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Kelly came back to get Kike Hernandez with another disgusting pitch that Hernandez just kind of waved at.

Hernandez’s face walking off says it all.

The Dodgers dealt with Josh Hader four times in the NLCS, and they didn’t score a run off him. If Kelly keeps pitching at this level, the Dodgers have a lot of problems as both teams showed on Tuesday that they’ll be looking to dip into the bullpen early.

Although the Red Sox went on to win 8-4, the Dodgers were still very much alive when Kelly came in. Moving forward, the Dodgers need to figure something out if they’re going to keep up with the Boston bats. To make matters worse, Kelly only went one inning. The Dodgers could be seeing him again very soon.

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