Crotchety Rockies Broadcasters Wish Harm On Idiot On The Field

An idiot ran out onto the field during the second inning of Thursday night’s Rockies-Cardinals game in St. Louis. An army of security personnel briefly chased the goof around the outfield and then the infield. The crowd ate it up; the batter had a chuckle; even several Cardinals players appeared to enjoy the moment. And why? Because even our hell world can sustain less than 90 seconds of goofy, anarchic disruption, even in the very cathedral of joyless baseball Right Way-ism.

Rockies broadcasters Drew Goodman and Ryan Spilborghs, perhaps worn down by a season of watching Rockies baseball and loath to endure even so much as an extra minute in Busch Stadium, decided the best thing would be to watch the field-invader get pancaked by a football player. Which, lighten up a little, fellas!

Seconds later Tony Wolters skied a sacrifice fly to straightaway center to put the Rockies up 2–0, so there’s an argument to be made that the idiot on the field benefited the Rockies. A rally idiot! Clearly Goodman and Spilborghs owe the idiot an expression of gratitude.

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