Coach expecting tougher bubble rules after outbreak

The Australian camp is bracing for a tightening of restrictions in the team's bubble after an outbreak of coronavirus in Victoria.

Victoria recorded five cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, in addition to the three positives from Wednesday.

The Australian team is expecting changes to restrictions in their bubble.Credit:Getty

"I don't know, but if I'm a betting man, I'd suggest probably," McDonald said.

"It’s one of those things that everything moves pretty quickly. Got to make sure we don’t expose ourselves to unnecessary risk.

"If that does become an issue then there's no doubt things will change for us, but also for the wider public.

"Being a Victorian through the winter months, things were locked down pretty quickly. So I’m sure we’ll get updated by health ministers and … Ben Oliver will be assessing that risk to make sure we’re not exposed to anything unnecessary in that sense."

Australia's coaches are conscious of the effect months of bubble life is having on players, some of whom have been in a hub environment since mid-August.

While players have been able to dine outdoors at restaurants and visit cafes while in Adelaide and Melbourne, they will only be allowed to leave their hotel in Sydney and Brisbane to train and play.

"We don't necessarily have the solutions at the moment for that, but you're definitely right, we need to find different ways to freshen our players up and make sure that isn't a factor in performance," McDonald said.

"That's the key thing, everything we do has to have a performance edge to it, and also a life-balance edge.

"One of the biggest things in bubble life is a lot of your autonomy gets taken away from you as a human being.

"We love waking up in the morning and being able to make decisions for ourselves whereas bubble life really dictates to you what those decisions or how that day will unfold for you. It's definitely something to factor in."

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