Logan Paul threw up on Coachella model in ‘most embarrassing moment’ of his life

Logan Paul opened up on the time he ‘threw up’ on a model at Coachella in what he dubbed the "most embarrassing moment of his life".

The YouTube mega-star turned professional boxer opened up on the stomach-churning moment at the California festival which took place after far too many drinks. He attributed his extreme moment of embarrassment to “running around” in the searing heat, while drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.

Paul admitted he had not eaten enough food before his extreme intoxication really kicked in at the exclusive festival. While his belly may not have been nourished by any of the luxurious foods on offer at Coachella, it was far from empty – as one poor model found out.

“I can normally handle my alcohol and I can drink a lot,” Paul said on his podcast ‘Impaulsive’. “It’s hot, you’re running around, you’re not drinking water, and worse, you’re not eating.

“When you are not eating, and you’re drinking, not water, but alcohol, it can lead to some bad things. I was feeling really sick at the Neon Carnival, the biggest party at Coachella, we pulled up, all my friends exited the fan.

“The girl I was with was drop dead gorgeous and I was just like ‘oh I don’t feel good I have to stay’. I didn’t want to ruin the vibes and the girl was like, ‘hey sweetheart I want to stay with you’.

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“We get in the van, on our way home, and then out of nowhere dude, I threw up in the van all over. I threw up in the van, right next to her.

“I probably got a bit on her, at least on her foot. I threw up, I can’t even say where, on the floor of the van. I had never been this embarrassed in my life.”

As well as the accompanying model, Paul will surely be hoping the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, and Jared Leto did not see or hear about his moment of shame. All three stars were spotted at the festival this year which took place at the start of April.

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