Logan Paul thinks he’d beat Conor McGregor after unimpressive boxing debut

Logan Paul continues to pick enemies in high places within the fighting industry after he has claimed he'd beat UFC sensation Conor McGregor in a boxing match due to the Irishman getting "tired" as the fight wore on.

Paul already has one huge bout to prepare for first, as the YouTube star gears up take on Floyd Mayweather in Miami on this Sunday, with the aim of sparking arguably the biggest upset the sport has ever seen.

Logan is not the first member of the Paul family to try and wage a war of words with 'The Notorious', brother Jake recently released a video calling out McGregor to tempt him into a bout.

Speaking on the True Geordie Podcast, Logan explained the reasons as to why he feels so confident should he ever come face to face with McGregor.

"I think I could beat Conor in a boxing match right now," he said. "Conor doesn't impress me. He gets tired. A great athlete, a great performer. But I don't know, man, one day we're going to get good enough at this sport where conversations like this are happening and we're better than these guys.

"I love Conor, I'm just saying in a boxing match."

When discussing his upcoming opponent, he sent another shot in the direction of Mayweather, belittling the power of his punch.

"That's what makes me laugh when Floyd says 'June 6 I'm gonna knock you out', with all due respect, Mr Mayweather, what the f*** do you know about knocking people out? It's been a decade. It's been a decade since you knocked out Victor Ortiz in whatever b******* that was."

In a recent interview with Showtime, Paul revealed his two-stage game-plan on how he will beat Mayweather.

"There's going to be two phases that Floyd has in this fight," he said. "First is the realisation that he might be in over his head, the realisation that the kid he's standing across from isn't a fake fighter, he's not just a YouTuber he's been doing this for some time now.

"Then when he realises that he might have to work a little harder than he thought and he's not getting the ins that he wants then he'll hit desperation.

"When I see in his face that Floyd's desperate and he's broke then I'll know I've got him and that's when he's going to lose."

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